A magical Customer Success Officer (FR-EN)

Who are you?

Are you a problem solver at heart with a rock solid commercial edge, awesome people skills and a love for responsible fashion? Then you will feel at home with us.

If your personal mission is being in the fire of action, inspired by working with people as their guide and pillar and if your pride is to assure that we create that wow experience, you will go home satisfied after your workday at Talundra.

As a start-up, we are still a small structure today and have ambitions to grow big. This means that at this stage of the project there is room for ideas, you will notice the direct results of the impact you create with people and within the company! As the company grows you will be part of a mission that is bigger and bolder than all of us.


Your role

Your role will be to first persuade participants to subscribe to the classes of the Talundra Academy platform and second guiding them through their entire customer journey with us, assuring that things run smoothly throughout their learning adventures with us. In other words: you’ll be the point of contact for our customers and will work your magic to provide them with the best solutions that set them up for success.

What will your typical workday @ Talundra look like?

Honestly, there is no typical workday at an early stage startup so each day will be a new adventure.

Besides that you will be:

  • Converting leads to participants

  • Ensuring customer loyalty

  • Ensuring lead follow up

  • Replying to lead and customer calls, mails, social media posts and messages

  • Collecting customer feedback

  • Enhancing the customer journey process based on this feedback

  • Finding creative and customer-friendly solutions

  • Setting up other initiatives that might enhance customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction.


Skills we’d like you to have:

  • Magical problem solving

  • Awesome with people

  • Rock solid commercial edge

  • Processed thinking

  • Languages: Fr – Eng

  • Quick learner

Who are we?

Our name 


An early stage startup with the thirst to bring change to the fashion industry!


Our mission

Creating a healthy fashion ecosystem that allows sustainable fashion creators

to develop and commercialize their product.


Our values

Embrace growth, Own the mission, Be a leader, We are go getters!


Our team

A crazy bunch of dynamic, passionate and dedicated people persons

What we have to offer:

  • Being part of the beginning something bigger and making a difference!

  • Potential career opportunities as our startup grows

  • A comfortable compensation package

  • Fast paced learning

  • Friendly and stimulating work atmosphere

  • Passionate, fun and dedicated colleagues